Alliance for a Free Information Infrastructure

Alliance pour une Infrastructure d'Information Libre

Bündnis für eine Freie Informationsinfrastruktur

Alianco por Libera Informa Infrastrukturo

Title : "Team with us and protect Linux from the European Commission plans"

Dear sir,

Linux, Free Software, independant software makers and Free Competition in the IT industry are at risk because of a planned decision of the European Union to legalize patents on programming technique. This decision is agressively pushed by large american patent owners who are trying to convince european civil servants in Bruxelles. For more information, look at

AFUL (a French association) and FFII (a German association) are teaming to set up a European Linux association in order to promote and protect Linux, Free Softare, Open Standards, Free Competion and Innovation in the european IT industry. The main purpose of a European Linux association is to create a powerful representation of economic and social interests related to the use of Linux and Free Software in Europe.

We have set up a web page describing our goals and short term program

We are looking for your suggestions and and would welcome very much your participation.

Best regards,

Stéfane Fermigier (AFUL)
Jean-Paul Smets (AFUL)
Bernard Lang (AFUL)
Hartmut Pilch (FFII)
Siegfried Piotrowski (FFII)
Joerg Freudenberger (FFII)

EuroLinux Alliance (en grand) for a Free Information Infrastructure (en petit)

national european associations who share the same goals
european software makers and service companies
Program :
Convince the European Union that patents on programming methods as they stand in the US are dangerous for the european economy

Help Linux and Free Software european companies to know each other and to export their products and services

drafted by J.P. Smets and Hartmut Pilch